Thursday, August 29, 2019

What Happened to PencilKit?

Geoff Pado:

The culprit here is lines 9–13; the ones that reference the PrivateFrameworks path. These lines are telling the linker to link against the private version of PencilKit… if the deployment target is less than iOS 13.0. Which Black Highlighter is. So we’re out of luck, right? No way to use PencilKit without dropping support for iOS 12? 😭

Geoff Pado:

Apple is now saying that your app’s deployment target has to be 13.1 to link PencilKit at all? Even if you cordon it off with #available checks? Will there be a public 13.0 at release? Will this mean that developers can’t support that release, either?


Update (2019-08-30): Steve Troughton-Smith:

New Xcode beta explicitly excludes PencilKit classes from the Catalyst SDK, so the app I’ve been working on all summer, which worked great up to the current betas, is no longer compilable or functional. In the last beta they removed input so I could render but not draw

The release notes have said since WWDC that PencilKit apps on macOS are ‘view-only’, but that was untrue up to the latest betas where they ripped out the (till-then, working) functionality and forcibly made it so. I don’t understand this decision at all

I think every app I’ve worked on this summer used PencilKit in some form, even on the desktop. Having that ripped out at the last minute, with no guarantee that drawing/input will be coming back to macOS this year at all, is preeetty frustrating

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