Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Persistent History Tracking in Core Data

Steffen Ryll:

At WWDC ’17, Apple introduced a number of new Core Data features, one of which is Persistent History Tracking or NSPersistentHistory. But as of the time of writing, its API is still undocumented. Thus, the only real reference is the What’s New in Core Data WWDC session.

Since Persistent History Tracking makes sharing an NSPersistentStore across multiple processes and is one of my favorite new Core Data features, it is unfortunate that it mostly seems to fall of the radar.

The purpose of this post is to give a real-world example on how to use it and what makes it so great.

That was written a year and a half ago, and NSPersistentHistory remains a really cool feature that’s under-discussed and under-documented. Some resources I’ve found are:

Here are some things I figured out by exploring:

Update (2019-08-22): Deeje Cooley:

I incorporated Persistent History Tracking into CloudCore, an open-source CoreData-CloudKit sync engine, specifically to support offline sync. Check it out!

Update (2020-09-14): See also: Antoine van der Lee.

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