Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Fate of the iTunes Store in macOS Catalina

Kirk McElhearn:

In early betas of macOS Catalina, the iTunes Store was visible, but in recent betas it did not show up in the sidebar of the Music app if the user was signed into Apple Music. That seems to be the default now: if a user has an Apple Music account, they won’t see the iTunes Store. You can display it, if you wish, in the Music app’s Preferences, on the General pane, but if you’re a streamer, you won’t see it by default.

You’ll note that in the screenshots on Apple’s macOS Catalina preview pages, the iTunes Store is not visible.


If the iTunes store is active, your search shows results in three tabs: library, Apple Music, and iTunes store.

Nick Heer:

What this means for the future of the iTunes Store seems obvious, but it is not a future I’m willing or eager to accept.


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Catalina just sounds awful. My biggest fear is that Apple will soon make iOS incompatible with Mojave, especially with all of the new cross-platform stuff coming. iOS is getting a lot better but it seems the Mac is getting a LOT worse. This is the first time that I've been confronted with the conundrum of wondering what will happen if my iOS is up to date, but I'm running Mac OS that's over a year old?

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