Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Suggestions As Part of the Pro Workflow Team

Aaron Bushnell:

You wake up to an email from Phil Schiller that you’re on the new Pro Workflow team for a complete overhaul of macOS, iPadOS and iOS. What suggestions would you provide for the next generation of Apple operating systems?

I enjoyed the the answers on the recent Accidental Tech Podcast, which included:


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Possible candidates for macOS:

- stop requiring multiple reboots to install the OS or an OS update.
- stop harassing users about iCloud and Apple IDs during the installation process, in the system preferences, in Notes, etc.
- stop having the "New Finder windows show: Recents" by default.
- totally rewrite the security UI/UX of macOS (System Preferences, alerts, etc.)
- remove the App application from the OS installation and any integration with the OS.
- totally rewrite the, Disk, Image applications.
- stop using ABC to describe a Qwerty keyboard. It's just wrong and confusing.
- bring back the former font smoothing feature.
- let us "screen" record a window like we can take a "screenshot" of a window.

write, compile & publish iOS software on iPad Pros.

I wrote about this a few months ago:

In a nutshell, I'd like macOS to function more as a cohesive whole than separate parts, and I'd like Siri to be far, far more helpful than she is.

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