Wednesday, July 3, 2019

altool 4.0

Rosyna Keller:

Xcode 11.0b3 includes a major update to altool (used for notarization), altool 4.0, with some awesome new features.


First, altool actually has a man page now (man altool) accessible after new Xcode 11b3 is installed.

altool supports a new --verbose argument that’s my type of verbose (it’s overly verbose to the MAX!) that’s useful in debugging issues, filing radars, and watching progress.


Another new argument (as seen in the previous screenshot) is the --transport argument that allows you to specify the upload method order altool/Transporter tries.


The DAV (WebDAV) method is extremely slow but explicitly specifying it will prevent altool from attempting the other transport methods doomed to fail if UDP is blocked.


altool 4.0 now supports concurrent uploads from the same host. You no longer have to wait for a submission to return a RequestUUID before starting another submission in a new Terminal window.

A lot of third-party developers were having issues creating a keychain item for use with -p "@keychain:<Keychain Item>" so altool 4.0 has a new convenience command, --store-password-in-keychain-item <New Item Name>, that will create it in the iCloud Keychain for you!

These sound like great improvements.


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Frankly, I'd rather they spend some effort improving the performance of the backend - having to wait around two minutes to get a notarised build back so I can test a build on another Mac or send it to someone is tedious. It means I've had to add a “skip notarising” flag to my build script for when I just want to test it on another Mac - and that only works as long as notarising doesn't become mandatory.

@Peter Faster performance would be nice. I use rsync or Screen Sharing to copy builds to test Macs, both of which bypass Gatekeeper and therefore notarization requirements.

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