Thursday, June 20, 2019

Lightroom CC Returns to the Mac App Store

Sam Byford (MacRumors):

It’s free to download and use for a week, then it’ll require a $9.99 monthly subscription through Apple’s in-app purchasing system, which includes 1TB of cloud storage.


This isn’t the first time that you’ve been able to get Lightroom in the Mac App Store. Back in 2012, when Adobe sold its apps as standalone purchases before starting to push Creative Cloud subscriptions, Lightroom 4 was available for $149.99. Lightroom 5 never came to Apple’s store, however, and even Adobe itself doesn’t sell standalone versions of Lightroom today.

Unfortunately, it’s only the cloud version of Lightroom. I’m currently paying $9.99/month to get Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop. If there were a way to get Lightroom Classic from the Mac App Store, I would switch. First, I don’t like all the Adobe daemons (6 currently) that are constantly running, using CPU time, throwing up notifications, and crashing every morning. And second, it would be nice to be able to consolidate the billing and use iTunes gift cards.


Update (2019-06-25): Cabel Sasser:

Here’s a “fun” fact. Don’t like the marketing notifications in Adobe Creative Cloud? Don’t bother unchecking “Show Notifications”.

“The [Show Notifications] option in your screenshot is the global one that disables all of them — with the exception of marketing ones.” —Adobe

(“The only way they can disabled currently is by the process I’m requesting for your account.” I.e. they can only be disabled is by an Adobe support person putting through a manual request to… someone.)

Update (2019-07-11): Cabel Sasser:

Update: still gettin’ Adobe marketing notifications. The (good!) support person is trying their best, which I really appreciate. It seems even Adobe has trouble dealing with Adobe

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