Tuesday, June 18, 2019

EasyGit 1.4

Georgios Verigakis:

EasyGit is your personal Git server on iCloud. Use your favorite git client to pull and push as usual and everything will be stored safely on iCloud, available on all your computers.


All your repositories are private by default and only accessible by you. Need to collaborate with others? Send them an invitation to give them access.


EasyGit is sandboxed and never touches your repository directly. It also never makes an outgoing network connection.

This is a neat idea. It runs a local server that translates the Git protocol commands to CloudKit. Thus, you can get private online hosting without needing an additional account, plus easy sharing with anyone else who has an Apple ID. A potential downside, though, is that mapping the storage in this way is less efficient than accessing a regular Git server over SSH or HTTP.

I’m not crazy about the idea of running a local server that can access repositories without a password. It breaks the normal assumptions about sandbox protections because any app that can make a network connection could access a repo (if it can guess its name) even if it doesn’t have access to the filesystem. But this is more a theoretical vulnerability that someone could exploit if they were trying to target you, not something most users should worry about.

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