Thursday, June 13, 2019

Rejected for Opening the Application Scripts Folder

Jesse Grosjean (tweet):

App Store review is rejecting the latest TaskPaper update because of the “Open Scripts Folder” button in TaskPaper’s preferences.


Is there some other way that apps are doing this now?

Specifically TaskPaper wants to be able to run user scripts so that it can place those scripts in the Commands pallet, and run them when selected.

To review, sandboxing prevents an app from running scripts (that talk to other apps) unless they are placed in this special folder. And the folder is hidden in a deep folder hierarchy, which is inside the invisible-by-default Library folder. Apparently, apps are no longer allowed to even help the customer find this folder. AppleScript is one of the crown jewels of macOS, but recent versions and policies actively prevent people from using it.


Update (2019-06-13): Jesse Grosjean:

Just an hour ago (after going back and forth a few times for clarification) I was told that Taskpaper was going back into review. So it seems like this IS ok, just wasn’t understood.

Jesse Grosjean:

And now a few minutes later it’s approved for release. So good ending without too much delay, just a bit stressful since you never know how long it will take or how it will end.

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“To *review*”

*ba dum psh*

Cases like this make me wonder where Mac App Store reviewers get recruited from. Mechanical turk?

A basic grasp of MacOS technologies should be a requirement.

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