Monday, June 10, 2019

Soulver 3 for Mac


Soulver 3 for Mac is now available. It has 50+ new features, including dark mode, a new user interface, subtotals and calendar calculations. Virtually everything you’ve been asking for. We hope you like it. Download a free 30-day trial now from

The list of new features is here. I use Soulver all the time. It’s the kind of app you really need to try in order to appreciate it. Technically, you can do many of these things in Calculator or Excel or a Python REPL or WolframAlpha. But Soulver makes the process so much easier and faster.

There does not seem to be any upgrade pricing, but it’s currently on sale for $20 instead of $30.


At the moment Soulver 3 is only available directly from us. You can purchase a license directly inside Soulver, or online through Paddle. You can still get Soulver 2 on the Mac App Store.


Right now Soulver 3 is only available on macOS. You can still download Soulver 2 for iOS on the App Store.


Note that it’s not a subscription purchase, so it’s a pretty great deal. Historically we’ve also been pretty generous in terms of free updates. Soulver 1 had five years of free updates, and Soulver 2 had nine years of free updates.

Update (2019-06-13): Marc Edwards:

Soulver 3 app icon.

John Voorhees:

With the update to Soulver, line references have a keyboard shortcut too. ⌘L displays numbers next to each line of a sheet that has a result in the answer column. Type the number corresponding to the line you want and Soulver will drop a reference to it at the cursor.

Soulver also includes powerful automation tools. There's a command line interface that can be added from the Soulver 3 menu, URL schemes for calculating values, an Automator action for evaluating text for calculations, and a Service that can be used to calculate highlighted text and copy the result, append the result to the highlighted text, or replace the highlighted text with the result.

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It looks like Soulver 3 doesn't support trig or log functions (which I used frequently in Soulver 2).

Look's nice. There are a load of apps nowadays, exploring calculations. Like Calca ( which is like a markdown editor with calculations and formula's. And Tydlig ( which rocks on iPad.

I use Calca all the time - it's a nearly perfect replacement for writing budgeting out on a piece of paper for instance. One of my most useful app, and I only use a fraction of its capabilities.

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