Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Xcode 11 Beta

Xcode 11 Beta Release Notes:

Xcode 11 beta supports development with SwiftUI.

Xcode supports uploading apps from the Organizer window or from the command line with xcodebuild or xcrun altool. Application Loader is no longer included with Xcode.


LaunchServices on macOS now respects the selected Xcode when launching Instruments, Simulator, and other developer tools embedded within Xcode.


Editors can be added to any window without needing the Assistant Editor.


Run script phases and custom build rules may declare and emit a dependencies file, in the Makefile-style .d format output used by some compilers and build tools.


XCFrameworks make it possible to bundle a binary framework or library for multiple platforms —including iOS devices, iOS simulators, and UIKit for Mac — into a single distributable .xcframework bundle that your developers can use within their own applications.


When a data model configuration supports CloudKit, the data model editor performs additional validation to ensure the model conforms to the requirements for Core Data CloudKit support.


A view controller method annotated with the new @IBSegueAction attribute can be used to create a segue’s destination view controller in code, using a custom initializer with any required values. This makes it possible to use view controllers with non-optional initialization requirements in storyboards.


LLDB’s Python scripting is now based on Python 3. If you are using Python extensions that aren’t compatible with Python 3, they will break.


Xcode 11’s source editor introduces a mini map of the file. The mini map includes legible text for Mark:, highlighted lines with errors and warnings, source control changes, breakpoints, and highlighted Find results.


Test Plans are a new way to manage which tests run, and how those tests run. Schemes can reference multiple test plans, and define a default test plan for automation.


XCTest includes augmented performance testing capabilities with the new measureWithMetrics:options:block: method and related methods.

Plus an unwrap method.

Peter Steinberger:

There’s a new sidebar!

Jordan Rose:

I’ve been living on the new Xcode 11 source editing UI and it’s great. The full/assistant/comparison/authors/history pentachotomy is gone; now it’s “editors with sidebars” and “comparison mode”. And the inline diff means I don’t jump into comparison mode nearly as often.

Peter Steinberger:

Guess the device support trick no longer works/needs an update?

Tanner Bennett:

Goodbyyyyyye .xcodeproj! If you haven't heard, you can open Package.swift directly into Xcode now. I assume it just generates the project file in a temporary location.

You can even run tests!

Joe Fabisevich:

Xcode 11 has QuickSpec built in?


Update (2019-06-06): Matt Diephouse:

Things that don’t work in the Xcode 11b1 UI:

— Creating a new target in a project
— Creating a new project in a workspace
— Deleting a project in a workspace
— The “Edit Scheme…” keyboard shortcut
— Deleting a build setting

Mike Hay:

Xcode’s source code editor does a lot of neat stuff, but much of it is a bit hard to find.

Here are four examples of things that you might not have realized that you could do in Xcode’s editor.

These also work in Xcode 10.


The Apple API Reference docset was updated to work with the latest docs from the Xcode 11 beta.

To use the Xcode 11 beta docs, make sure xcode-select -p (in Terminal) points to the location where you have Xcode 11 installed.

Update (2019-06-13): Steve Troughton-Smith:

Hold the command key (⌘) while you mouse over the new Xcode 11 mini map to show all your methods and properties

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