Monday, May 27, 2019

Apple Developer Survey

Felix Krause:

If you get the email, this is your chance to give feedback about:

- Binary processing time
- Code signing
- Lack of API endpoints
- Inconsistent rejection reasons
- Managing app metadata and screenshots
- TestFlight review times

Tyler Hall:

Also, in general, the Mac App Store is a kafkaesque hellscape full of scam artists that erode customers’ trust in the overall system and shitty apps that are nowhere near the level of quality that long-time Mac users expect from 3rd party software.

Add to that the arbitrariness of App Review, which seems more interested in penalizing legitimate developers for the most insignificant of reasons, while big name companies get away with flaunting the rules, and fly-by-night developers actively ship malicious, misleading, predatory, and outright-broken software.

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