Friday, May 10, 2019

2019 Apple Keyboard Problems

These days I mostly use the old USB aluminum keyboard.

Update (2019-05-13): Alejandro Ramirez:

Not on the blog: Backlit keycaps on Macbook Pro are transparent plastic coated with black UV paint and laser engraved. A big hand hits ⌘ with the nail, eventually exposing the full brightness of the LED. This wouldn’t happen with double-shot keycaps (a few cents more expensive).

Damien Petrilli:

Same happened to me. It didn’t last longer than 2y.

Craig Grannell:

Even the Magic Keyboards have problems. They are mechanically reliable but not durable with heavy (but standard) use (I’m a writer). This looks like I’ve gouged the A, S and C keys. Not good enough for something that cost me £100.


I bought a couple of wired keyboards and mice after it became clear that they would be discontinued. What a completely silly state of affairs…

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You will have to take my Apple Extended Keyboard II away from my cold dead fingers. Also, my laptop will continue to be a Thinkpad.

I had the first gen, hated the noise hated the action, I was fairly abusive to it for a couple of years, a couple of sticky keys that were easy to fix by just blowing. Now have the 3rd gen and LOVE it. Only hearing negative stories about these keyboards, you get the feeling it was only a backwards step. I'd say there is also quite a few improvements over the previous technology, but i guess easy to say if you never had to send one in for repair.

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