Friday, April 12, 2019

macOS Hot Corners

Rose Orchard:

A great feature of macOS that we don’t discuss often is Hot Corners — the ability to swipe your mouse into a corner and have something happen. For example, your screensaver starts, notification center appears, launchpad shows you a list of apps, etc. This setting is no longer enabled by default, so many people are missing out on this great feature!


What is more, you can add a modifier key (Command, option/alt, shift, or control) to a Hot Corner, which will only activate if you hold that key while swiping your cursor into the corner. This makes it hard to activate Hot Corners by accident, so it’s ideal for something like locking your screen. You can also use multiple modifier keys at once if you like. Unfortunately, you can’t set multiple commands per corner with different modifier keys.

I use hot corners for Put Display to Sleep, Mission Control, Application Windows, and Notification Center.

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I remember there used to be a 3rd party tool for Panther/Tiger called CornerClick which allowed you to do multiple commands with different modifiers per corner (including clicks), but it did break drag and drop via hot corner expose.

I use hot corners quite often for Exposé, one for all application windows and one for all windows.

But I do think it's a good thing it's off by default, I've seen (non-power) users accidentally trigger hot corners repeatedly and not understanding the concept or how to disable it. Form them it was just a constant irritation.

Is there some sane and efficient way of organizing apps in Launchpad? The apparently random default behavior is useless.

One of my favorite features in MacOS. I always found it weird that it's places inside the "Screen Saver" settings panel.

It is a shame that you cannot trigger an AppleScript from the hot corner system.

Didn't know about the modifier key, that's really helpful. Keep me for Expose'ing out of a game in windowed mode and my children from doing the same when they're using my Mac.

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