Friday, April 12, 2019

App Store Subscription Confirmation Alert

David Barnard:

Whoa! Apple added an additional confirmation step for subscriptions. This new alert comes after you confirm with Touch ID/Face ID. I hope they address this in a more elegant way in iOS 13, but I’m thrilled Apple took a definitive step to curb scam subscriptions. 👏🏻

This probably isn’t needed on Face ID devices where you have to double click the side button to confirm a subscription, but this should cut down on accidental subscriptions on Touch ID.

I’m still baffled it took Apple so long to take action on this, but it still says a lot that they made a change like this mid iOS 12 instead of waiting for iOS 13.

This change is likely to prevent $10M+/mo in accidental subscriptions.

Ryan Jones:

I literally went through your flow 2 hours ago to compare it to apple’s and thought you added that. Until I tried Facetune. Here’s the kicker though.... it’s not on apple Music


Or only Apple gets to do this?

Ryan Jones:

Apple remotely turned off the extra Subscription confirmation modal last night.

(Apps were seeing 20% subscription trial reductions.)


This means a significant profit was being made due to a lack of understanding by the users, which I don’t think is an ethical business model

Ryan Jones:

Now, there may be a reason, like fixing a bug or making it better. But it’s 100% off right now after ~1 week of being on.


Update (2019-06-18): Federico Viticci:

Never seen this alert before – Apple now tells you if an app you’re deleting has a subscription still active. Good move.

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Ryan Jones

Extra steps always drop conversion rates. Not necessarily deceit. Friction and convenience too. But I hear you and think it’s part of it.

To me, 20% doesn't seem that crazy just from there being an extra step... Reminded of Spolsky's "Let me go back":

[…] App Store Subscription Confirmation Alert […]

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