Monday, April 1, 2019

Key iOS Chip Architect Departs Apple

Chris Jenkins:

Gerard Williams III, lead designer of Apple’s custom iOS chips from A7 to A12X, has departed the company, according to CNET. While no indication of a change has been made on his LinkedIn profile, it does offer a glimpse into his design prowess.


He came to Apple with a splash, as the A7 was Apple’s first 64-bit CPU core. This design arrived on the market over a full year before competitors like Qualcomm and Samsung could respond and largely cemented the technical prowess of the SoC team Apple had created.

If confirmed, his departure would follow the more well-known CPU architect Jim Keller, who was part of Apple’s acquisition of PA Semi. More recently, Apple’s SoC team lost its lead Manu Gulati, whose vacated role was assumed by Williams.

Seems like we were just hearing that all the top people were going the other way.

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I suspect Intel's throwing money at people right now to get them out of their situation. The bigger interesting issue is that if Intel is doing that now, why weren't they doing it three years ago. Makes one suspect Intel is in deeper trouble than it appeared even a few weeks ago. Bodes ill for the next few years of Intel updates.

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