Friday, March 29, 2019

Cardhop for iOS 1.0


Head over to our Cardhop for iOS webpage and watch our introductory video, learn more about Cardhop, and find out how to get it on the App Store.

If you want a deeper dive into Cardhop for iOS, take a look at our tutorial videos to see Cardhop in action.


Search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts using natural language


Powerful search and sorting using smart groups (when paired with the Mac version)


Quickly toggle between different groups and accounts


It seems like a small detail, but Cardhop’s notes section will help improve your relationships. Really. Just add a few details about your contacts and the next time you chat, you’ll know more about them. You can even add a timestamp with a tap, creating a history of your interactions.

Previously: Cardhop 1.0.

Update (2019-04-11): Flexibits:

We wanted to share a few tips and tricks for using Cardhop for iOS as efficiently as possible, which hopefully will save you even more time.

See also: Cardbox (tweet).

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