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Thursday, March 28, 2019

iCloud Deletion Bugs

Corbin Dunn (tweet):

I turned off my backup to iCloud and deleted the backups. Well, you can’t delete them! They just would not disappear, and I kept seeing 19+ GB of space consumed[…]


Ironically, when your iCloud storage is full you can’t receive any emails to your @me email address, which is what is associated with my bug reporter account.


I never used iCloud photos, but for some reason I had a lot of photo storage consumed. I turned off my Photo Stream, and this dropped the 8.6 GB that it consumed. I was surprised, because this actually worked!

That’s weird; I thought Photo Stream wasn’t supposed to count towards your storage quota.

But no, I still have too much space consumed, and it was in “Documents and Data”. It looked mainly like Keynote documents were taking up too much space. I moved all my files out of iCloud on my desktop; this actually doesn’t work. You should see the move on one computer and deletes on other computers, but I never would see the files gone on any other systems (iOS or macOS). I had to delete them on each system using iCloud.


User Account Best Practices

Dave DeLong:

Let’s say, hypothetically, that I wanted to create a “user account” feature for an app.

Where should I go to read up on best practices for safely storing the user’s password on the backend?

Cory Kilger:

I’ve found this to be a good guide.

Thomas Baignères:

You should definitely have a look at PAKE.

Antwan van Houdt:

This is also a great post about it but its pretty long, so nice reading material :)

Drafts for Mac 1.0

Rosemary Orchard:

Today there is a Mac app. It is what many of us have been waiting for, albeit with a few missing features at the moment. Drafts for Mac has landed.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: you’ve probably heard of Marzipan, the Apple project to enable iOS developers to bring their applications to the Mac. This is not one of those apps. It is an app written from the ground up for macOS, which works as expected with the system features.

The Pro version is $2/month or $20/year, but there’s no additional charge if you already subscribe to the iOS version.

Tim Nahumck:

Remember: this is a v1.0 application, not the v5.7 application that we have on iOS. It's going to take time to get there. The platforms are different: this isn't a "Marzipan" app, this is a full-fledged macOS app written from the ground up. Things will take time to get there. The macOS app does have the advantage of already having a rich ecosystem of automation apps to pull from, like Automator and Keyboard Maestro, so there are already was to implement some automation.

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