Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Finder Bug Replacing a Folder With Dot Files

Lloyd Chambers:

  1. Copy a folder with dot files to another destination (I used “.icj”).
  2. Change one of the dot files.
  3. Repeat the copy. When the Finder offers Cancel or Replace, choose Replace.

PROBLEM: the copied folder contains old data in the invisible “.icj” file.

I was easily able to reproduce this on macOS 10.14.3.

Previously: Finder Shows Incorrect Folder Sizes.

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Years ago I was discussing Apple software quality with a friend and I was trying to determine what a 'breaking point' would be... how bad would would it have to get, what would have to stop working such that I would feel compelled to move to a different platform?

The answer I half-jokingly came up with at the time was 'basic file copy operations'.

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Is this fixed in 10.14.4?

@remmah I did a quick test, and it seems like it is fixed in macOS 10.14.4.

Thanks Michael! Haven't had time to update yet... good to hear it seems fixed.

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