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App Store Subscription Notifications and Promotional Offers

Apple (via Ryan Jones):

When written thoughtfully, notifications can help users want to keep their subscriptions. To create a positive experience that subscribers engage with, make sure your notifications serve a clear purpose and deliver meaningful information. For example, when you update your app, consider letting subscribers know about new content that they may be interested in. Or, you might send encouraging notifications that remind subscribers to perform a task in your app that they have committed to doing. Notifications should not be used as a reason to launch the app or for advertising, promotional, or direct marketing purposes.


Apps with auto-renewable subscriptions will soon be able to offer a discounted price for a specific duration for existing or previously subscribed customers. These offers provide the flexibility to create unique promotions to grow and retain your customer base. They can help win back subscribers who have canceled their subscriptions or promote an upgrade to another subscription at a special price. Once the promotional period ends, the subscription auto-renews at the standard price.


Update (2019-02-27): Samuel Axon:

In the past few days, Apple has informed developers that they will now be able to target current and recent subscribers with promotional rates on subscriptions. That means subscribers will be able to offer discounts to try to get you back if you lapse, or they might try to entice you to stay if you're considering leaving.

Developers could previously offer limited-time subscription discounts but only to new users. The new model is available in recent beta releases known as iOS 12.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.4, and tvOS 12.2, and it is likely to emerge as the final public release for each. Apple will facilitate three different types of offer for developers who want to retain or regain subscribers.

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“Notifications should not be used as a reason to launch the app or for advertising, promotional, or direct marketing purposes” HAHAHAHAHA tell that to more or less any company with an app selling something. Including Apple.

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