Friday, February 22, 2019

Ejector 1.0

Dave DeLong:

I’m pleased to announce Ejector, an app that gives new purpose to your ⏏️ key. Without a CD drive, this key does nothing; now it shows all your mounted drives and volumes and helps you eject them.

The app has a 7 day trial, and costs $10

I’ve been using LaunchBar to do this, but it’s cool that it can be invoked with the actual Eject key.

Dave DeLong:

Hold down the option/alt key when ejecting to force eject volumes


Apple, please sherlock this: rdar://problem/43736317

It’s not clear to me whether there are technical factors (disk access, private Touch Bar APIs) keeping it out of the Mac App Store, as it’s the sort of utility one would hope to find there. It’s not sandboxed, at present.

Update (2019-02-26): Dave DeLong:

Ejector isn’t sandboxed, it uses private Touch Bar APIs, and technically the eject key detection is undocumented and unsupported. It’d be possible to make it MAS-acceptable, but I think it would degrade the user experience.

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Or you could use Jettison for half the price and twice the trial period:

Eject is not 100% worthless. Cmd option eject will make your make sleep.

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