Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Flickr Moving Away From Yahoo Logins

Don MacAskill:

I am SO happy to announce that @Flickr login without Yahoo is rolling out! Thanks for your patience and support as we worked hard to build & debug. New login page is up, and members will get to update their logins over the coming weeks.


In preparation for launching our new login system, we’re beginning the rollout today of the new Flickr login page. This will take some time, so hang tight if you don’t see it immediately -- it’s coming!

For now, the login page will still forward you over to Yahoo, where you’ll continue to use the same credentials as always to sign into your Flickr account. The next step in the process will take a few weeks -- we’ll let each member know when it’s time to choose the email address and password you’ll use to log in to Flickr.

I think that’s the only time I use my Yahoo ID these days.

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I still use Yahoo! Finance.

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