Monday, February 4, 2019

UltraViolet Digital Movie Locker Service Will Close

Mitchel Broussard (Hacker News):

Between January 31 and July 31, 2019, users will be able to keep accessing their UltraViolet Library, purchase new movies, and redeem digital codes. After the shutdown date, all UltraViolet Libraries will automatically close, but the company has detailed a way that users will be able to continue accessing their content.

To do this, UltraViolet is advising users to log into their accounts and verify that they have another retailer linked to their UltraViolet Library, which will allow them to watch their movies and TV shows on another platform after July 31.

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I tried once or twice to open an ultraviolet account to take advantage of free coupons for a movie enclosed with a DVD. Never managed to successfully redeem a coupon, which did not cause me to think it was a good idea to buy a movie from the service.

Actually, I think I never even managed to open an account with the service - the asinine way you were forced to open an UV account and then another account with a vendor who would actually sell you the movie always seemed far too complicated, and it was not made easier by the fact that most of the vendor companies would not allow me to join because I live in Canada.

Who could have predicted that making DRM too onerous would cause you to not actually succeed in selling enough DRM content to stay in business?

I only have a few Ultraviolet movies and they work fine. To be fair, these are digital copies from the start not a buy physical and get a digit version. The cool thing was the syncing with other services so I won't lose anything when Ultraviolet shuts down.

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