Monday, February 4, 2019

Memories of Facebook Paper

Mike Matas:

5 years ago today Facebook Paper was released. So cool to see this incredibly thorough archive of all the little interactions we worked so hard on


My experience with it was that most of the actual FB posts never fit in. It seemed designed for a different kind of content than what fb actually has.

Vincent Bidaux:

User perspective: I felt I was missing even more of my timeline than with normal fb, which was already #1 struggle. Too much editorial/news/organic content vs. what friends were actually doing/saying.

Felix Krause:

When I first used the Facebook Paper app, I thought this would be how UIs are gonna look like in a few years, it felt like from the future. And look where we are now 🙃

Previously: Design Details: Paper by Facebook.

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It was a very innovative UI. However the fact it didn't catch on in other apps it was perhaps more suited to tells us something too.

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