Friday, January 18, 2019

Airbnb and Security Camera Disclosure

Jeffrey P. Bigham (via Hacker News):

When my family and I stayed in an AirBnB this past winter break, we discovered this camera and another about a day into our stay. I was shocked, and immediately unplugged them. I don’t think we did anything particularly weird in front of that camera, but it’s very likely that my 2-year-old ran in front of this camera naked (the field of view of the camera was close to the exit of the bathroom).


A lot of other weird stuff happened during this trip stemming from this -- AirBnB told my host we asked about the cameras, he sent someone to snoop on us, he left us a bad review, etc.


Airbnb has re-re-re-reviewed my case, and now they agree that the cameras were not properly disclosed. Their position seems to be that the customer service representative(s) did not understand my concern, and/or they gave inaccurate information. While the reps I talked to before today repeatedly said that photo constituted disclosure, the senior person who reviewed the case says that it does not. 🤷

You can review Airbnb’s trust standards here.


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I suspect security cameras and AirBNB are the next big scandal waiting to hit.

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