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Closing Down Coriolis Systems

Alastair Houghton:

The shift to APFS and the continuing lock down of the platform have meant that our existing products have become obsolete and their sales have declined to a trickle. Perhaps, if the full APFS documentation had been released somewhat before users’ machines were converted over to it, things might be different — though even then I’m not sure Apple’s current focus on security is conducive to a viable market for third-party utility software, solid state storage really doesn’t require defragmenting in 99% of cases and in all likelihood the Mac line will at some point shift to ARM at which point you won’t be able to run Windows on it except through emulation, which will substantially reduce the market for partitioning tools also.

Aura, our AC-3 compatible real-time encoder, doesn’t sell in any volume, and right now Coriolis isn’t covering its costs.

Previously: iDefrag and iPartition Discontinued.

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That's sad. I always liked the fact that Mac OS had such a wealth of indie developer support. Lot of good programs have ceased to exist.

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