Monday, January 14, 2019

Closing Down Coriolis Systems

Alastair Houghton:

The shift to APFS and the continuing lock down of the platform have meant that our existing products have become obsolete and their sales have declined to a trickle. Perhaps, if the full APFS documentation had been released somewhat before users’ machines were converted over to it, things might be different — though even then I’m not sure Apple’s current focus on security is conducive to a viable market for third-party utility software, solid state storage really doesn’t require defragmenting in 99% of cases and in all likelihood the Mac line will at some point shift to ARM at which point you won’t be able to run Windows on it except through emulation, which will substantially reduce the market for partitioning tools also.

Aura, our AC-3 compatible real-time encoder, doesn’t sell in any volume, and right now Coriolis isn’t covering its costs.

Previously: iDefrag and iPartition Discontinued.

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That's sad. I always liked the fact that Mac OS had such a wealth of indie developer support. Lot of good programs have ceased to exist.

Sad to see you go as I still have a large raid that needs defragging but then I guess we're more specialized use case. So thank you for a great product...

Thought once I saw Zipster out there as the entire source base. Maybe I was dreaming.

Still using Zipster and still loving how it integrates with the Finder. The annoying closure of the zip files home folder apparently has been fixed in the FTFF Finder (?) because that was just about the only issue Zipster seemed to have. It is a bit shy on really big zip files though.

Anyway, know that you left a positive mark on the world. I would argue that Zipster still has a market, maybe not profitable, you would know better perhaps.

Did it go open source?

I was very sorry to read belatedly that Coriolis closed, and especially the reason for that.

I leaned it when I went to check the iPartition 3.3.1 for PPC. You should be aware that the License Keys provided on the website-museum are in fact Not Working(!) - I downloaded the software, but it don't acknowledge the key.

It is the pretty absurd situation of the modern economics : you spent considerable expertise and resources to develop a product ; you do not sell it anymore ; and no one can use it any longer either . In the end, neither monetary reward nor social use value. What a waste!

Please post the functional License keys. Then the work will be complete, doing a service to the older mac community.

Thank you.

@Lee Harris - Do the license keys posted with the software at not work for you?

The keys also don’t work for idefrag PPC leopard version and tiger.

Michael Kemper

Why must I search for a license for iPartition which I purchased probably 10 years ago or more when the developers are no longer supporting the application?

Sanjay Aiyagari

The keys don't work on OS X 10.9 with iPartition 3.4.5 either. It says it can't write to ~/Library/Application Preferences even though it is writable. And if I extract the CD key it asks for an original CD.

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