Friday, January 11, 2019

App Discovery, Downloading, and Purchasing

Ben Bajarin:

In collaboration with a few indie app developers, we ran a study looking to see how consumers discover, decide on which app to download, and some underlying economics around the app ecosystem. This study had respondents from the US and key parts of Europe. In total, 908 consumers participated in this study.

Reviews and price are very important. Most customers did not feel tricked into paying for IAPs or subscriptions. More than 40% of iOS customers had only three or fewer paid apps.

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How would I know how many paid apps and app I have?

(The actual question was: 'Approximately how many paid apps or app subscriptions do you currently have?')

I pay less often for apps than in the past. The reason is the shift to subscriptions where family sharing is not available. Apple shows families the finger again and again … Maybe because most relevant Apple folks don't have a family?

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