Wednesday, January 9, 2019

No NVIDIA Drivers for Mojave


Developers using Macs with NVIDIA graphics cards are reporting that after upgrading from 10.13 to 10.14 (Mojave) they are experiencing rendering regressions and slow performance.

Apple fully controls drivers for Mac OS. Unfortunately, NVIDIA currently cannot release a driver unless it is approved by Apple.

Marco Chiappetta (via Hacker News, MacRumors):

And when Apple pushed macOS 10.14 out the door, it appears suspended support for some discrete NVIDIA GPUs. According to Apple’s website, only two aging “Mac Edition” discrete NVIDIA GPUs, the Quadro K5000 and GeForce GTX 680, are officially supported. Pre-Mojave though, many users had turned to newer, more powerful NVIDIA discrete GPUs based on the company’s Pascal architecture for workloads that can benefit from NVIDIA’s CUDA parallel computing platform and other proprietary development tools.


In the post, Diamond tags Jarred Land, a producer that also happens to be the president of RED Digital Cinema, who himself is an NVIDIA user. In fact, Land has a post on his wall showing a GeForce RTX Titan decoding 8K video in real-time at 23.98 frames per second, out to a Sharp 8K UHD TV. “Not allowing NVIDIA to put out drivers for OSX 10.14 hurts my business. We depend on NVIDIA drivers to keep our Macs flying through apps like Creative Cloud, Resolve and RED Workflows. We NEED these drivers to keep our pipelines from impacting our clients.”, said Jason.

Colin Cornaby:

I don’t really like Nvidia. But I’m tried of Apple making life difficult for GPU makers. eGPU was a great step. But now Apple is now strangling adopting by restricting GPU drivers. Apple should allow Nvidia to release their Mojave drivers, and ideally make the driver layer public

Previously: Removed in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Update (2019-01-11): Isaiah Carew:

i gave up hope and gave my very nice 5K capable Nvidia 1080 card to my kids’ VR PC.

it’s tough to invest in a platform where the maintainer’s capricious decisions often cost you a thousand bucks.

Update (2019-03-11): See also: Accidental Tech Podcast.

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"Can't innovate anymore, my ass."

Can't even figure out drivers. Embarrassing.

Apple was not supporting Nvidia drivers on 10.13 either.

After the stock ATI card died in my MacPro5,1 I replaced it with an "EVGA" brand Mac-compliant Nvidia GTX 285. I've noticed (subjectively) more juddery performance and memory exhaustion now and again, compared to a few years ago. But more saliently, I had some repeated system lockups while mixing audio in Logic last spring. I filed a bug report with sysdiagnose samples, etc.; finally, six months later, it was closed with the terse explanation: “This is a legacy Tesla driver issue that won’t be fixed.” (Google searching tells me that Tesla is the name of an Nvidia GPU architecture.)

Apple — worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet spends more on Memoji than making their "Pro" hardware work with other pro stuff?

[…] Michael Tsai, rounding up a couple of stories on the lack of NVIDIA drivers for Mojave: No NVIDIA Drivers for Mojave. […]

From the archives. Apple doesn't forget or forgive:

POSTED: 01/18/2015
The problem is two fold:

NVIDIA had a bad run of GPU chips which Apple did offer a replacement program (full logic board swap-out). Sadly the program has ended.

What also occurred the solder joints holding the chip to the logic board also failed due to the excessive heat these chips create when running heavy graphics (i.e. gaming & video).

Why can't the drivers just "accidentally" find their way out into the wild.... News stories, music and pre-release movies and TV "accidentally" find their way onto the internet all the time. Once they're out...they're out...


Someone from the inside would have to release the Nvidia web drivers for macOS 10.14. However the channces of that happening is slim to none. Also we cant verify the performance of the drivers if they are indeed ready. This must be a waiting game. Nothing you can do but wait or buy AMD

@reh -- yet they Forget and Forgive RadeonGate, which took out countless 2011 MacBook Pros?


@ben Kennedy
I had my GTX 970 working on 10.13 with my egpu, and I know other cards functioned as well. Maybe the issue was the ten year old gpu you are using?

Christopher Lang

Apple is a sorry greed driven company. Expensive hardware that falls apart after only a few years and now this latest outrage they do not support their own Macbook Nvidia video hardware for Mojave. Tim Cook can go to hell and so can Apple for being greedy pigs.

@Christopher Lang

While I also think this situation is frustrating you are totally exaggerating – most of their hardware last a vlong time and there are built-in drivers for Nvidia GPUs in Mojave up to the 6xx series.

Correction: Mojave is supporting also the GTX 7XX series via built-in drivers.

My MBP 2014 has major Mojave GPU issues. This thing cost me almost $4000.00 dollars and has an Apple supplied internal Nvidia GPU. It doesn't work either. Not sure why your ignoring all these internal GPUs and only mentioning discrete GPUs.
I cant run and higher end graphics software on this thing with with Mojave anymore. Even low level photoshop wont work properly, acceleration and some effects.

Its up to Apple to support hardware they sell. They are responsible. Im going to have to bring them to small claims court over this.
Fuck apple. I am never supporting them ever again.

There are almost 500,000 views on they subject on the Nvidia site and growing. Apple forums delete most threads because users are freaking out and apple wants to hide this. Other users who do get why we have these issues don't use the same software or hardware , or are complete morons.

7xx are NOT supported Martin, u moron.

so are gtx7xx supported or NOT >>> ??

Not sure whether it's NVIDIA or Apple to blame here, but allowing customers to invest thousands in hardware and then preventing us from using our hardware with other hardware, by wantonly and with possible malice withholding the quintessential enabling web drivers, is not a good business model for endearing your customer base. In fact, it's a bullseye for alienating your customer base. Sell your loyal customers a product for top dollar, and soon thereafter prevent it from working, so they are forced to buy another, more expensive product from you. And just to rub in your contempt, ignore the customers' predicament by saying diddly squat about it. By your deeds shall we know you.

Oh, Apple, how I have loved thee.
And now,
Been singing your praises and making converts for lo, these 30+ years.
And now,

But all is not lost, if thou dost repent and reLEASE yon web drivers for Nvidia.
‘Tis a noble deed, but act swiftly so as not to loose it all!

Apple go fuck yourself

It's time to buy real PC, not weak and 2x more expensive Mac Trash.

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