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Solution for Time Machine “Error While Restoring From the Backup”

Harry Fear (via Maxwell):

A few hours into the restore (about three-quarters of the way through the data transfer) the restoration would always fail with “An error occurred while restoring from the backup.”


Initially I needed a Finder and Terminal window so I had to setup the new Mac as new with no user data so I could fully access the Time Machine backup to apply the fix. Then I connected the backup to the Mac.


Then I had to delete the problematic folder that was identified in the log[…]


Then go back into Recovery mode on the Mac and reattempt to restore from the modified backup.


I've the same problem (also from Mac App Store receipts (in my case from FoldingText.app) in $HOME/Library/Containers/com.foldingtext.FoldingText/Data/Library/Application Support/FoldingText/Receipts) restoring from a (normal) TimeMachine backup. I would be nice if instead of failing you were given the option to ignore the error and continue (at least if the problematic files aren't in /System or /Library where the resulting system might not be operable)...

In my case (as it wasn't on a TimeCapsule) I could just delete the file from the mounted backup drive and then re-attempt the restore.

I wish time machine worked better, I really wanted to use it. I finally gave up after a couple years of issues and moved to an rsync-based backup and it has been great.

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