Monday, December 31, 2018

Low Navigation Volume in Google Maps

Melvin Leng, in 2016:

I noticed that the “Guidance volume” icon under my Google Maps (iPhone App) Navigation settings is a “crossed-out” icon (with a slash across). Not sure if this is normal. I also noticed that whichever setting I choose (Soft, Normal, Louder) has no effect on the actual volume played out. It plays at the same volume regardless of setting.

The issue is that when my phone is connected to my car’s multimedia system via Bluetooth (e.g. to play music or make/receive phone calls), but I don’t want Google Maps to play the navigation instructions over my car speakers, so I set “Play voice over Bluetooth” to Off, the guidance volume from the phone speakers is very very low until it is almost inaudible. My phone speaker volume has already been set to the max, and Google Maps Guidance volume setting set to “Louder”.

I’m seeing this as well. It works OK if I have “Play voice over Bluetooth” checked. But if the iPhone is connected via Bluetooth and I want to hear Google Maps over the phone’s own speaker, it’s so quiet that I can barely tell it’s saying anything, and can’t understand it.

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