Thursday, December 27, 2018

Shortcuts JS

Shortcuts JS (via Accidental Tech Podcast):

Shortcuts JS lets you build Shortcuts more efficiently by allowing you to leverage all of the features of JavaScript to generate a Shortcut, allowing you to create complex Shortcuts more quickly and more easily than ever before.

The JavaScript code is pretty ugly, but on the other hand you can edit it using an actual text editor on a big screen. The Shortcuts app has so much potential, but I get discouraged whenever I try to use the graphical editor—as well as when I try to run a simple shortcut from the home screen and it takes so long bouncing between apps that I don’t know whether it saved any time.

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I really don't like the shortcuts app. It took me doing a bunch of reading to figure out magic variables. It was totally non-obvious. I have no idea how a non-programmer could actually use it

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