Tuesday, December 4, 2018

iCloud Drive Stuck Uploading and Downloading Files

Matt Henderson:

To solve the problem, after moving my GitHub folder outside of Documents, I then backed up all the files in Desktop and Documents on my Mac that I need, and disabled “iCloud Drive” in the iCloud area of the system preferences, and instructed the Mac to delete all the local files.

I then went into iCloud Drive via the website, and started deleting everything from there.


So the fact that deletions are getting processed one by one in the browser, but there’s no UI to indicate that, can cause terrible confusion when trying to perform the kind of mass cleanup that I was doing.

Update (2018-12-11): Wojtek Pietrusiewicz:

I was trying to transfer an edited photo from my iPad to my MacBook Pro a few minutes ago. I saved it to iCloud Drive and went to look for it on my Mac. Not there. I checked my iPhone and verified it was synced. So I restarted my Mac. Nope, nothing.

Want to know what triggered the sync process? I created a new folder in Finder.

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It took three days to load/sync my 16GB Photo Library. During that time, the only indication anything was happening was my network traffic icon. My 10.5" iPad Pro became almost unusable during this time, 3 days. 3 DAYS?

iPad Pro was unusable for three days because of library sync? That's some quality melding of software and hardware to make for perfect device execution. /s

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