Thursday, November 29, 2018

My Today at Apple Experience

Ryan Christoffel:

But Apple’s increased trumpeting of its retail initiatives, in the face of a collective shrug from the press, made me wonder what exactly we’re all missing out on here. I mean, if the company is passionate enough about Today at Apple to host over 18,000 sessions per week, then there must be something special about the program.


At several points throughout the session, I found myself smiling just looking around the table as I considered how seemingly random a group of people this was. There were participants ranging from, by my best guess, age 13 up to those in their sixties. Two people were friends who just got new phones, and they were constantly delighted and awed by all the things they learned in the session. A mom was attending with her daughter, who was taking notes for a school report. The rest of us, by outward appearance at least, had little in common. But there we sat, around a table, learning and experimenting with the technology we share.


Instead, Apple found a creative expert to lead its training session, which has to be a more challenging hiring practice altogether. The effort is absolutely worth it though. The sense that a teacher knows what they’re talking about, and cares deeply about it, makes all the difference in the world.

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Update (2018-12-10): Nikolaj Hansen-Turton:

Today at Apple at my store has been such a disappointment. They moved back to 90% being basic classes/kids swift. They need to role out the new workshops ASAP.

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