Friday, November 16, 2018

Why I’m Ditching Android

Kev Quirk (via Hacker News):

Android vendors are almost as bad as Windows when it comes to bundling additional applications with their devices. It’s almost a meme at this point. But at least on Windows you can uninstall all the bloatware. Most of the bloatware on Android devices I’ve used over the years cannot be removed as they’re marked as system apps.


I hardly ever get notifications for emails, calendar events, social media etc. I assume this is because the battery saving measures kill the background processes. So the apps can’t carry out background tasks, like checking for new email.


The iPhone SE is actually a phone sized device. It’s cheap, and it’s still supported by Apple. It’s seemed like a no-brainer to give it a try.

Sadly, he wrote this in March, and the iPhone SE is no longer available from Apple’s store, although there are currently some great deals on it elsewhere.

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I've never had to do this, but you can uninstall anything pre-installed on your Android phone using USB Debugging.

I've had custom battery saving features on an HTC I've owned in the past, and it was super annoying. I had to whitelist one specific app in three different places to get it to work correctly. Most Android phones just have stock battery saving features, though, and those work just fine.

New Nokias come with Android stock, with only the Nokia Service App and the camera app being the only mods.

My $200 Honor 7x works quite well. Last year's model in the lineup, no worries about excessive bloatware, updates come on time, and background notifications work well. What iPhone can I get to $200 that would even come close to this phone?

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