Monday, November 12, 2018

Amazon Kicks Off Unauthorized Apple Refurbishers

Jason Koebler (tweet, Hacker News):

As the email notes, this is part of a new agreement between two of the largest companies in the world that will allow Amazon to sell new Apple products around the world; in exchange, Amazon agreed to let Apple pick-and-choose who is allowed to sell Apple products on the site.


Apple did not respond to a request for comment, so for now we don’t know how it is going to decide who can be an “authorized” reseller on Amazon. It’s worth noting, however, that Apple places many restrictions on its “authorized” service providers, who it grants permission to repair Apple devices. They are only allowed to work on certain devices, are only allowed to do certain repairs, and have to pay Apple to be accepted into the program.


“The first sale doctrine has never required an owner to get permission to sell their property,” Perzanowski added. “But Amazon is leveraging its power over its marketplace to give Apple power that the courts and Congress never have and never would.”

Marco Arment:

This makes sense. I’ve been burned multiple times buying counterfeit Apple accessories on Amazon (power adapters, etc.) labeled as new and authentic. Amazon’s control over knockoffs is awful.

The only things I refuse to buy on Amazon: Apple products, memory cards, and dog food.

Luca Marturana:

I can understand that it’s nice to have guaranteed legit Apple products. But for example it was very convenient to buy cheap refurbished iPhones on Amazon. Not sure if it will be possible anymore.

Adam Selby:

I’ve sold old iPhones on Amazon in the past. Honestly, it’s great to be able to buy used things on Amazon. Amazon bans used listings for their own products, now Apple’s, and likely others I’m unaware of, and it sucks. The problem with counterfeits is not in the used market.

Previously: Amazon Is Complicit With Counterfeiting, Apple Sued an Independent iPhone Repair Shop Owner and Lost.

Update (2018-11-13): See also: TidBITS Talk.

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Wait. Marco is equating this crack down on the third party market of legitimate Apple hardware with counterfeit accessories? He really thinks people would buy a used iPhone or MacBook and receive a non Apple device? This is control and consolidation of the markets where you can buy Apple hardware. Full stop.

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