Wednesday, October 31, 2018

IBM Acquires Red Hat

Ben Thompson:

Yesterday Young’s story came full circle when IBM bought Red Hat for $34 billion, a 60% premium over Red Hat’s Friday closing price. IBM is hoping it too to can come full circle: recapture Gerstner’s magic, which depended not only on his insight about services, but also a secular shift in enterprise computing.


This is the bet: while in the 1990s the complexity of the Internet made it difficult for businesses to go online, providing an opening for IBM to sell solutions, today IBM argues the reduction of cloud computing to three centralized providers makes businesses reluctant to commit to any one of them. IBM is betting it can again provide the solution, combining with Red Hat to build products that will seamlessly bridge private data centers and all of the public clouds.


MySQL, Java, OpenOffice → Oracle
SpringSource, Zimbra → VMware
XenSource → Citrix
GitHub → Microsoft
JBoss → Red Hat → IBM

Open source toolchain company exits are good for open source?


And who’s next?

Update (2018-11-16): See also: Hacker News.

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