Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Xcode’s Alignment of Objective-C Dictionary Literals

Tanner Bennett:

Xcode 10 debuted this year and it still aligns Objc braces and brackets in the most unhelpful way possible.

And it does this for C functions, too, so I don’t think it’s related to lining up the colons in the method name. It’s almost enough to make me go back to creating dictionaries using a macro.

Surely there are people within Apple using Objective-C…

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Will Notbepublished

It must be a question of taste because I don't see the issue with the bracket and brace. But I do see an issue with the ':' which I know Xcode aligns correctly if you use tabs.

I would expect that C++/Obj-C-coding Apple engineers rarely use Xcode, because it doesn't work on any kind of large project. Probably the older guys use vim, emacs, or BBEdit and maybe run xcodebuild. I have a few times seen modelines in Apple-supplied files…

@Will In practice, it usually doesn’t fit the width very well, and it’s inconsistent with just about every indentation style I’ve seen, including Xcode’s own support for Swift.

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