Monday, October 22, 2018

Tweetbot 5 for iOS

Tapbots (tweet):

  • GIF support in compose view (Powered by Giphy).
  • Redesigned profiles.
  • Redesigned tweet status details.
  • New iconography and app icon.
  • Optimized dark theme for OLED displays.
  • Support for haptic feedback.
  • Auto video playback in the timeline (which can be disabled in the settings).

Surprisingly, this is a free update, though they’ve added a tip jar. I like the new design except that the timeline scroll thumb seems to be invisible in the dark theme.

Christopher Lawley:

With some major design changes it feels like a whole new app. There’s some hidden easter eggs as well that I’ve noticed people may have missed. If you go into setting, tap Support Tweetbot, and give them a tip you can unlock different themes. After that go into display and you can now change your themes. My personal favorite is Pumpkin.

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