Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mojave and MDM

Victor Vrantchan:

So this is a configuration update which includes information about the Mojave installer, with both the product version and the Mac App Store ItemID. Neat. Normally you don’t see the full OS installer when running softwareupdate. It’s in the App store and you have to download it like you would download an app. This must be a shim Apple is using to enable a MDM only feature.

A curious side effect of having the notification bundle come from the Software Update catalog, is that it’s responsible for this notification, which shows up on user machines regardless of whether you have devices enrolled in MDM[…]

Via mikeymikey:

It’s not our fault Apple has tied their upsell nag to MDM based OS upgrades.

The feature needs to be split or they need to modify their upsell nag to include NotBefore date for the nag itself so the ConfigData can at least go out day 1.

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