Monday, October 15, 2018

The Modern Hackintosh

Stephen Hackett:

This video recently caught my eye[…]

In it, Quinn Nelson walks through a $1,400 machine that gives my $5,000 iMac Pro a run for its money, despite having a worse GPU and an i7 CPU.

Nelson points out that these numbers may come down to cooling. The tower in his video, complete with a liquid CPU cooler, can run its components much harder than the iMac Pro, as it has the thermal headroom to do so.

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Have to admit this is looking really attractive. I'd prefer a good solid new iMac this month. But barring that...

So pathetic that Apple can't be bothered to make a kick ass Mac anymore. ;(

This refrain has been used for years as refutation of the notion that Macs, while expensive, are legitimately bang for the buck deals. Frankly, it remains spot on as a counter argument. No disagreement from me.

Apple will release a device with great specs but the price will be very high and actual performance doesn't usually measure up in real world use cases. For years now, thermal restraints have caused throttling on Macintosh computers. I remember the very first MacBook Air was severely throttled under load. The problem is at least that old but not always as severe as that particular example.

Shameful really as a development machine can be quiet, cool, and fast, but it requires proper cooling.

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