Thursday, October 4, 2018

Apple Park in LEGO

Spencer Rezkalla (via John Gruber):

With a footprint of more than 28,000 square studs this model is nearly as large as all my other LEGO skyscraper builds combined.

The model’s facade is constructed in segments using white LEGO 1x2 rail plates and trans-black plates.

A faceted approach to approximating the curvature of a round building is a traditional approach in both LEGO and in actual building construction.

The original plan was to build the campus pathways using LEGO plates set sideways into the landscape. However this approach would result in a jagged appearance as the plates stepped along the curving path trajectories.

Luckily in 2017 The LEGO Group introduced quarter circle tiles. Smoother paths are made possible with these elements, although their tight 90 degree bends cause the pathways to meander more.

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