Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Still in macOS 10.14 Mojave

Uluroo (tweet):

Finding the hidden gems of macOS is like paleontology — the old gets buried by the new, but what you can find if you dig is pretty great. At the same time that macOS has changed, aged, and buried its past, it’s left fossils behind. Not all of the old stuff is still around, but the bits that have lasted are the bits worth knowing about. You can find them if you just start digging.


⌘⇧Y: send selected text to a new Stickies note on the desktop. Uluroo is astonished that he had never known this shortcut until yesterday. Apple has let Stickies fade into the background of macOS, but at least it hasn’t killed the app completely.


⌥⇧ while changing volume and brightness: adjust those in quarter increments. This gives similar precision to that offered by the brightness and volume sliders in iOS.


Many of Dashboard’s built-in widgets have a refreshingly retro, though inconsistent, aesthetic: Stocks, Dictionary, Weather, Calculator, Calendar, and more all look like they’ve gone untouched since the days of Scott Forstall. The World Clock widget’s second hand moves in the same way as a real clock, rather than moving in a smooth, uninterrupted motion like in iOS and watchOS.


.textclipping. You can literally drag text to the desktop as a .textclipping file and AirDrop it.

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Just a note that ⌘⇧Y: send selected text to a new Stickies note is cool but it is far cooler change Stickie Notes to TextEdit. Go to System Preferences:

• Keyboard › Shortcuts › Services › Text

• Uncheck "Make New Sticky Note"

• Check "New TextEdit Window Containing Selection" (with the ⌘⇧Y shortcut)

I use this dozens of times a day to save text from web sites, create a new file with a bit of text from an old file, copy login info from an email into a text file etc.

A favorite of mine is simply ⌘-clicking and dragging a window or its controls while that window is in the background. You’ll be able to perform actions on that window in the background without having to bring it to the foreground.

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