Friday, September 28, 2018

PhotoKit’s Core Data Model

Ole Begemann:

In my quest to understand the Photos framework better (especially its performance characteristics), I wanted to inspect its data model. I found a file named PhotoLibraryServices.framework/photos.momd/ deep in the bowels of the Xcode 10.0 app bundle[…]


A .mom file is a compiled Core Data model. Xcode can’t open this directly, but it can import one into another Core Data model. Follow these steps to view the model in Xcode[…]

Brian Webster:

The Mac version of Photos doesn’t use Core Data, but instead a custom SQLite database format that originated in Aperture. Looks like a similar number of tables/entities though.

Brian Ganninger:

That’s correct (former UI engineer here ) The Aperture database format served as the basis for the shared library format between Aperture & iPhoto. That library format was then evolved for Photos library and cloud integration.

Previously: The History of Aperture.

Update (2018-10-02): Guilherme Rambo:

The Core Data model used by “Find My Friends”.

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