Thursday, September 27, 2018

CodeRunner 3

Nikolai Krill:

The all-new documentation sidebar lets you browse the online docs for your programming language without ever leaving the app.


The editor has been enhanced with lots of new features. It now supports more than 230 syntax highlighting modes, all updated to the latest language specifications.


Web development is now more powerful than ever in CodeRunner. Use the built-in Web Inspector to debug JavaScript, view and edit HTML elements, work with CSS styles, and much more. New run modes for web files let you magically inject your JavaScript or CSS files into a website or HTML file. When running your PHP files, the output can now be quickly toggled between terminal and web mode.

Todd Ditchendorf:

Wow. Dunno when this happened exactly, but CodeRunner 3.0 includes a graphical debugger UI for Python. And it’s the best I’ve seen. (By “best”, I suppose I mean “most like Xcode”… cuz that’s what I’m used to). And it seems to work with virtual environments. Nice!

Previously: CodeRunner 2, CodeRunner 1.0.

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Woo-hoo! I was *just* wondering when there'd be an update. I had problems with the Swift debugger in version 2, version 3 seems to fix it.

Lanny Heidbreder

Pretty sure his name is “Ditchendorf”, the Twitter screen name is a joke 😅

@Lanny You’re right; thanks.

Todd Ditchendorf

Technically, it’s my family name before it was anglicized. Been doing some family research lately. 🤓👍 But it’s an honor to be quoted by mjtsai under any name. 😊

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