Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SuperDuper 3.2 Adds Smart Delete

Dave Nanian:

This is something we’ve been thinking about and working on for a while. The problem has always been balancing safety with convenience. But we’ve finally come up with a idea (and implementation) that works really well.

Basically, if we hit a disk full error, we “peek” ahead and clean things up before Smart Update gets there, just enough so it can do what it needs to do. Once we have the space, Smart Delete stops and allows the regular Smart Update to do its thing.

Smart Update and Smart Delete work hand-in-hand to minimize disk full errors while maximizing speed and safety, with no significant speed penalty.

This is seriously one of my favorite improvements to backup software in a long time. My backup drives/partitions tend to be the same size (or a bit smaller) than the source drives, which are close to full and have many files that have changed. So it was common to run out of space after an hour or so of copying only to have to start over by reformatting the destination drive. A relatively quick Smart Update would require my intervention and turn into potentially a day of copying. That shouldn’t happen anymore.

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