Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Screen Time Issues

Spencer MacDonald:

So Screen Time is showing me stats for an app I don’t even own?

Ben Lovejoy:

Of particular interest to parents was the ability to impose restrictions on their children – but it hasn’t taken long for kids to figure out how to bypass the limits …

The first, and most obvious one, was for kids to change the time of the device to an earlier one – before the downtime kicks in.

But a Reddit thread spotted by Business Insider reveals that this isn’t the only hack kids are employing.

Update (2018-09-27): Daniel Alm:

Apple recognizes which domains you have been browsing and shows apps associated with that domain instead of the actual domain in Screen Time, including apps you don’t even own.

Patrick Metcalfe:

Filed a radar and was told this is intended. Even for @github who’s URL is being used by someone ELSE’s app! Somehow that’s allowed.

Update (2018-10-03): Eric Chen:

It’s not just domains that have apps associated with that domain, it tracks (some?) domains in general. My screen time has timings for “” and more. Want to see something creepy? Go visit a certain hub of porn for a few minutes and check screen time.

Update (2018-10-25): See also: Accidental Tech Podcast.

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