Monday, September 24, 2018

What is Haptic Touch on iPhone XR?

Rex Chamberlain:

However, there are many functions of 3D Touch which could simply be accomplished by a touch and hold on the display, eliminating the extra stress on your finger too. 3D Touch naysayers have raised these points for years.


Apple has finally given in to the idea. The new iPhone XR is not equipped with 3D Touch but will get much of the functionality through a feature dubbed Haptic Touch. Never one to resist flashy feature names, Haptic Touch is Apple’s fancy designation for touching and holding your finger on the display.

The added layer of haptic feedback will help you recognize when the feature is triggered. And with Apple’s excellence in haptic feedback technology, it makes you wonder if 3D Touch is on it’s way out.

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“Haptic touch” is about as descriptive as “visual sight” or “odorific smell”.

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