Friday, September 7, 2018

Call Recorder for FaceTime Won’t Be Compatible With Mojave

Chance Miller (tweet):

In an email to users this evening, Ecamm said that with macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple has tightened the overall security of the operating system and FaceTime, rendering its Call Recorder for FaceTime software incompatible. Thus, the application will not be compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave at launch[…] As for the future, Ecamm says it will “continue to assess the feasibility” of brining its Call Recorder software to Mojave, but that it currently has “no plans for a compatible version or for creating a replacement.”

I’m so glad that Apple is eliminating useful apps, nerfing others, and adding friction instead of acting on the actual malware at the top of its charts.

Update (2018-09-08): Greg Hurrell:

1/ Apple is nerfing a bunch of 3rd-party shit. Don’t think it will affect me, yet, but only because I have been very conservative with what I install for many years now (in the interests of not breaking shit), but am waiting for the time they kill something I can’t live without

2/ Once both the software and the hardware have gone south, there really won’t be anything keeping me in the Apple camp any longer. 😟

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Microsoft managed to add recording to Skype,
maybe Apple can add recording to FaceTime.
That would be a proper thing to do

It's interesting seeing the wheel's turn for people. Everything moves at it's own time. Greg Hurrell is where I was, but 7 years later at least. 10.7 Lion was the end for me. It was just so bad on older hardware and an SSD didn't make a lick of difference. Same hardware on Linux runs great and all I did was search for app alternatives. Some I cobbled together myself with scripts and such, some I was already using -- Firefox, Calibre, VLC, etc. -- some had decent alternatives, and some frankly required workflow restructures. On that last point, I've had to do it time and time again on the Mac side too, so no real change at that point.

On the direct point, yes, Apple should have added call recording for FaceTime if they were going to kill the ability for third party apps to function. However, I would have suggested not use FaceTime anyway. Conversations should be held in the closest thing to a device, ideally vendor, neutral way possible. Federation I miss thee.

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