Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Changing the Year When Setting the iOS Date

Chris Nebel:

TIL that iOS, at least as of 11.4.1, does not let you directly change the year when setting the date and time manually — there’s simply a single scroller for the date.

This is problematic when you run the battery down completely: the system goes to the Unix epoch, 0 GMT 1 January 1970, and then won’t connect to the time server because it thinks the certificate is invalid. So you must manually set the date, and must scroll a lot.

I’ve never run into this particular issue, but I run into little things like this all the time on iOS.

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You would not believe it how annoying it is.. That has happened on some of my old test devices, it had no data connection (no valid sim) and it would not connect to wifi because of certificate validation issues (date incorrect). When you tried to set the date manually, you scroll scroll scroll and for some reason picker jumps far into the future, and you try again, and again.. Until I gave up and started looking for the sim the phone would accept..

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