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Friday, August 17, 2018

Making a More Valuable Resource for the Swift Community

Ted Kremenek:

While there is some good material on the website, what is currently there underserves both of the two goals mentioned above and there is a lot more that can be done. We are preparing to open up the Swift website for contributions from the broader Swift community, and as part of that I wanted to start a conversation on what the community felt we should do to make that website a better resource for everybody.

Make iMovie Output Full-Resolution Video

Josh Centers:

The problem is that iMovie doesn’t let you set a project’s resolution manually—for that you seemingly need the $300 Final Cut Pro X—and on the Mac, it fixes the project’s resolution based on the first clip you insert.

This problem has stymied many people, and there are numerous YouTube videos suggesting that you create a new project and drop a high-resolution photo at the beginning of the timeline to set the project to a higher resolution. That trick didn’t work for me. But I figured out a different way of convincing iMovie to allow me to export a 4K file.