Thursday, August 9, 2018

Apps Removed in Ban of Gambling-Related Apps

Tim Hardwick:

In an attempt to crack down on gambling-related apps in the App Store, Apple has today implemented a new App Review policy for individual developers, but many apps that are being banned as a result appear to have very little to do with gambling at all.


The reason that apps unrelated to gambling are being removed appears to be because the ban currently applies to any apps that allow users “unrestricted web access”.

Talk about amateur hour. Apple didn’t just reject new submissions of apps, but rather it removed apps that were already in the store.

Simon B. Støvring:

Today Apple removed my 3 years old app for browsing and sending GIFs from the App Store. The reason? They no longer allow gambling apps submitted by individual developers 🤷‍♂️

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz:

Our newsstand/news/magazine app just got removed from sale from the App Store 24 hours after our 3.0 update was approved. Reason given: gambling/fraudulent activity. We publish a magazine — nothing to do with gambling or fraud at all. 😞😢😲😱

His app is now back.

Patrick McCarron:

Wow Apple pulled my almost exactly 11 year old Blackjack 21 game from the AppStore due to it simulating gambling AND me being an individual developer.

Not sure if I want to incorporate at this point to put it back in there as I never had time to update it fully for iOS 11+.

Apple today confirmed it has removed “many” illegal gambling apps, and developers distributing them, from its App Store in China.

Under fire from Chinese state media, Apple Inc. said it removed illegal gambling apps from its App Store in China—a move that could help quell the latest challenge for the American tech giant in its most important market outside of the U.S.

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Why only for individual developers? Is it because Apple profits tremendously from all of the loot-box games, and those aren't made by individual developers?

Lukas, right?!?! This is such a stupid policy, but par for the course. Bet Pokemon is still there! Kidding, not an individual developer. Sad faceā€¦

Boo App store as single source for apps on a platform! Boo!

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